English:Rhapsody Of Fire China Tour 2010


*Rhapsody Of Fire China Tour 2010

Rhapsody Of Fire China Live in Beijing 2010

Date: Nov.10,2010
Door Time 19:30
Show Time 20:00
Venue: Star Live House
Add:Address: 3/F, No.79, Hepingli Xijie, Dongcheng District,Beijing
Stars:Rhapsody Of Fire Band
Add: Rm007, Sec.A, DongYong Building,
No.17, Hou Yong Kang Ave,
Dong Zhi Men St.,
Dong Cheng Dist.,
Beijing City, China

Rhapsody Of Fire China Live in Shanghai 2010

Date: Nov.12,2010
Door Time 19:30
Show Time 20:00
Venue: WanPing Theatre
Add:No. 857-859 Second Zhong Shan Road (S), Shanghai
Stars:Rhapsody Of Fire Band
Tel:021- 63280590;021-63289160


Sponsor:HBN,Guina guitar
Promoter:Guitar China,HBN,Modernplayer
Organized by Music Golden Era



About ROF:

The Italian metal band RHAPSODY OF FIRE is definitely one of the most influential acts of the 90’s. With their mixture of melodic metal and elements of classical music influenced by the cinema soundtracks, the Italians created a complete new genre: The Symphonic Metal.

Guitarist Luca Turilli and keyboarder Alex Staropoli started in 1993 under the name of THUNDERCROSS, influenced by acts like HELLOWEEN, BLIND GUARDIAN, CACOPHONY, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN and CRIMSON GLORY. With their first demo “Land Of Immortals” the young guys from Trieste were signed by the new label LMP Records, which was founded by the former HELLOWEEN manager Limb Schnoor who effectively established the band. The new singer Fabio Lione completed the band and just before the production of the debut they renamed the group in RHAPSODY. “Legendary Tales” with its pompous choirs and an orchestra was released in 1997. The lyrical content was based on the “Emerald Sword Saga”, an epic fantasy tale written by Luca Turilli.

The first German chart entry with their second longplayer “Symphony Of Enchanted Lands” on #54 was made and even topped by the following creations “Dawn Of Victory” (#32), “Power Of The Dragonflame” (#30) and “Symphony Of Enchanted Lands - Part II” (#33). By now the most sophisticated production was ”Symphony Of Enchanted Lands - Part II”. A whole orchestra and Christopher Lee (Lord Of The Rings) as the narrator who was at that time 82 years old, have been mobilized for the recordings. In addition to this you can hear Christopher Lee on the track “The Magic Of The Wizard’s Dream” on a fabulous duet with RHAPSODY front man Fabio Lione.

In 2006 RHAPSODY was forced to rename into RHAPSODY OF FIRE because of a copyright complaint of a same-titled US band. The following extensive world tour was a great success and the DVD “Visions From The Enchanted Lands”, released in 2007, provides into it.

2010: RHAPSODY OF FIRE are back with their new masterpiece “The Frozen Tears Of Angels”. The quintet rediscovered their power with this creation and its nine fantastic brand new tracks. Including the pre-released free track “Sea Of Fate” which is also the title of the new video clip, the heavy and fast “Reign Of Terror”, the ten-minute-epos “The Frozen Tears Of Angels” or the Italian “Danza Di Fuoco E Ghiaccio”.

Manuel Liebler from the German METAL HAMMER magazine commented: “The story of RHAPSODY OF FIRE has to be rewritten: There never has been such an obscure and varied creation by the Italian scene icons like “The Frozen Tears Of Angels”. So the mystery of the DARK SECRET SAGA still is: How will it be possible for the band to top that again?”

On April 30 “The Frozen Tears Of Angels” will be released. The opus was produced by Luca Turilli and Alex Staropoli, recorded at the Gate Studios in Wolfsburg, Germany, and mixed by Sascha Paeth (AVANTASIA, EPICA, KAMELOT…). The Columbian artist Felipe Machado (BLIND GUARDIAN, ICED EARTH…) designed the artwork.

RHAPSODY OF FIRE are back - stronger and superior than ever!

"The Power Metal throne i staken! Rhapsody of Fire are back, and believe it or not: they are stronger than ever!“ (HARD ROCKER, PL – Bart Gabriel)

"Rhapsody of Fire at its best! definetly epic, bombastic, powerful! Power and majesty… no need to add more!“ (METALLIAN, F – Ludovic Fabre)

"Genial instrumentality and the highest level of technical skills go hand in hand with brillant way of composing. Awesome atmosphere. Rhapsody of Fire at its best!“ (SPARK, CZ – Bob Zelenka)

"Epic in every sense of the word, the masters of Symphonic Metal are back, sounding stronger than ever before, with the best album since „Power of the dragon flame“. Awesome“ (POWERPLAY, UK – Bruce Turnbull)